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To my readers,

I am excited to share with you information on Structural Integration (SI), one of the most life changing bodywork experiences. To demonstrate the effects of SI, I would like to share with you my own story of completing the ten-series. In 2010 I injured my shoulder snowboarding and had a reoccurring pain that restricted me from using my shoulder to its full ability. I had heard about Structural Integration for many years through friends, and listening to their experiences left an impression on me. Not only was I interested in using Structural Integration as a means to heal my shoulder, but I was also compelled to have a career in the holistic health care field. I thought, “why not give Structural Integration a try?” I did a series of 10 sessions and the results where outstanding. I gained back full range of motion in my shoulder and felt a connection with my mind, body and spirit like never before. Afterwards I was sure that this is what I wanted to do for my career, to share the gift of better health and vitality with others by becoming a Structural Integration practitioner.

I am genuine about helping people to live pain free. I stand strong behind my work and guarantee satisfaction. My passion for health and fitness emanates through my bodywork.  If you’re looking to reduce pain, elevate function, repair and/or prevent injury then structural integration is right for you! With Emily Jones Structural Integration, you can begin the path to a pain free life.

I hope this essay has inspired you to treat yourself to a session of Structural Integration. Thank you for reading!

Emily Jones

Board certified Structural Integration Practitioner Graduate of The New School of Structural Integration www.newschoolsi.com

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