Emily Jones Structural Integration

Whole Body Alignment


"As a snowboarder and athlete I have been plagued with my fair share of injuries. Rehabilitating myself and gaining knowledge about my body has helped me reach for more out of life. At 24 years old, however, some injuries simply would not subside with simple rest or personal strengthening alone. I tried acupuncture and chiropractors but none of them gave me useful knowledge or productive diagnoses. I wanted something I could learn from so that I could become a better pilot of my own body. The place I found that has most helped me towards this goal is Structural Integration with Emily Jones. Emily focused less on my apparent injuries and more on the healing of my body as a whole. She would photograph my progress each session so that I could witness my body's metamorphosis. I learned how to walk better and cary my body with more natural relaxation in my day-to-day activities. Each of the 10 sessions resulted in an opening and connection to my body that I have never experienced before. My body was a completely new vessel by the last session, with my cranium directly linked to my feet. I advise this practice to anyone who wants to love their body and gain information from people who truly care about your life!"

-Jeremy L (Snowboarder/Student)

"Emily Jones is knowledgable, strong and conscientious in structural integration. The ten series helped me realign my body and recover from a knee surgery. In every session, she gave me her whole focus and energy. I highly recommend her!"

-Katie Z (Teacher-Rock Climber)

“Speaking as a dancer and massage therapist, I believe that Emily's work has a profound effect on the body. She works deeply yet is in tune with the body's limitations. Her professional, relaxed and compassionate demeanor allows me to truly trust my precious body in her hands. I love that each session creates more space in the body for the next session to build upon. This ensures the re-patterning of bad postural habits stuck in the body. Emily does not simply fix your problem for you. She explains so vividly what is happening in your body and empowers her clients to transform imbalance into awareness. I still think about her movement suggestions everyday and it helps me dance and generally move with more ease. I noticed significant length added to my side waists after completing my 10 series. If you are tired with quick fix bodywork , come to Emily for deep, full body transformation and say goodbye to chronic pain."

-Hailey J (Dancer-Thai Massage Therapist)

"Being a professional gymnast for over 15 years was very hard on my body. I had multiple injuries such as torn muscles and a broken back. Over time I started to have lower back pain when I would walk, lift heavy objects and train. I tried massage, chiropractic and physical therapy but the relief was only temporary. I found out about Structural Integration through Emily Jones and decided to give it a try. It was a fascinating experience that helped me to be the best athlete possible and enjoy life pain free. Working to re-align bone by focusing on fascia was a unique way to help me recover and prevent injury. I am surprised more people do not know about it!"

-Andrey T (Gymnast-Tile Setter)

"Wow, Emily! I am ecstatic over the improvement I'm already feeling! Huge decrease in the pain I was experiencing in my right hip area, and I feel it's improving my over-all well being! Thanks very much. I'm really looking forward to our next session and I'm dreaming of how great I'm going to feel at the end of 10!"

-Kris P (Flight attended)

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