Emily Jones Structural Integration

Whole Body Alignment

What to expect:

Health History: One of the most important parts of getting to know you and your body’s needs is to do a health intake form. In the first session we will cover your health history and overall intentions and expectations of receiving structural Integration. The more detailed you can be about your health history, the better understanding I will have as to where your pain, tension and restriction of movement stems from.

Structural Assessment: In each session, before we begin the hands on body work we will review any current changes your body is experiencing so we can acknowledge what is shifting and improving. I then do a visual and palpation assessment of standing, walking and sometimes seated position. I look at the body’s alignment, range of motion, movement and holding patterns in relation to the physical terrain of the session you are scheduled for. This gives me a greater idea of where we can achieve balance. It also provides you, the client, to become more attune with your body.

Bodywork: The majority of the sessions are spent doing hands on bodywork. By physically manipulating the fascia layer by layer, we can work to uncover the body’s natural alignment. The intention is to manipulate, organize and integrate the body in order to achieve structural balance.

Dialogue: In achieving overall balance it is very important to understand how one’s emotional state is reflected through the physical body. The dialogue of each session relates an emotional theme to the physical terrain and will explore stored trauma, thoughts, beliefs, memories and self awareness.

Movement Education: In order for the work we do together to evolve outside of our sessions I teach movement education. We review the ways in which you use your body that cause misalignment. For example, someone who works with computers for hours a day will have to break the "slouching back and neck" posture to prevent the body from reverting back to its old ways. You will learn to use your body in daily life actives the most optimal way possible.

“An effective human being is a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. A joyous radiance of health is attained only as the body conforms more nearly to its inherent pattern. This pattern, this form, this Platonic Idea, is the blueprint for structure. The fixation of the flesh interferes with the energy flow that is the essence of life… there is an ongoing psychological change as well toward balance, toward serenity, toward a more whole person. The whole person evidences a more apparent, more potent psychic development.” — Ida P. Rolf

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